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Although we are no longer offering AppleScript Pro Sessions on a yearly basis, a description of the original five-day course is below. We do offer customized, on-site training. Please email for more information.

AppleScript Pro Sessions

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The course includes a fast-paced introduction to AppleScript, including advanced features, and an in-depth look at scripting major applications. A truly unique AppleScript training experience!

As part of the course, attendees receive our handy guide for quickly referring to frequently used commands and techniques. A CD containing the course scripts as well as bonus materials will be included.

Day 1: Starting Out With AppleScript
This is a fast-paced, lecture-driven course that covers the essentials for getting started in scripting. This day not only introduces newcomers to the basics of scripting, but it also makes an ideal refresher for experienced scripters. We include an introduction to scripting applications, with an overview of how to read AppleScript dictionaries. And we look at the changes introduced in Snow Leopard, and how they impact the way you should structure your scripts.

BONUS SESSION: Scripting with Script Debugger, the premiere third-party development environment from Late Night Software.

Day 2: More AppleScript Intro, Scripting InDesign Part I
The day begins with some of the more advanced topics not covered on Day 1, such as understanding Unicode, text item delimiters, the powerful read/write commands and taking advantage of the power of bundles. The regular session ends with a look at scripting InDesign.

BONUS SESSION: More scripting of InDesign, with details to be announced later.

Day 3: Scripting InDesign Part II
Scriptability is at the core of Adobe InDesign, and if you’re an InDesign user, here’s how you can make your job a whole lot easier. Our coverage is wide-ranging, including the object model, document construction, printing, and exporting. We look at the bugs as well as the features, the short-comings, the quirks and the workarounds. We focus on typical practical applications, and provide a range of useful scripts.

BONUS SESSION: A detailed look at attaching scripts to events and menu items in InDesign, as well as creating new menu items with attached scripts.

Day 4: Scripting the UNIX Shell, Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat
We begin the day with a session on using powerful built-in Unix command line tools via AppleScript, then take a look at working with graphics. We will look at scripting Adobe Illustrator for tasks ranging from document creation to pre-flighting and repairs, and we will have an in-depth look at scripting in Adobe Photoshop. We will look at scripting the creation of PDFs and the manipulation of them in Adobe Acrobat. At the end of the day, we will cover user-interface scripting, including an overview of PreFab UI Browser.

BONUS SESSION: To be announced.

Day 5: Data, AppleScriptObjC and more
The day begins with an overview of scripting FileMaker Pro and coverage of scripting Excel. We also look at scripting that Swiss Army knife of text, BBEdit. Then coverage turns to building AppleScript-based applications with rich interfaces, using the newly introduced AppleScriptObjC.

BONUS SESSION: A session wrap-up and get-together, with an opportunity for attendees to ask additional questions or review scripts.

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