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After working on developing automated solutions on Macintosh computers since 1985, Ray Robertson founded Scripting Matters Inc. in 1998, and more recently Scripting Events LLC. Using AppleScript and a variety of other automation technologies, Ray has automated workflows for small companies and large corporations, focusing on the printing and prepress industry. He has also served as an advocate for AppleScript and other technologies, including teaching several courses and seminars.

Although Scripting Events works with a large variety of partners, at its core it is still a one-man company. When you need a project automated, you will work with Ray. He will formulate a proposal, answer questions, develop the solution, respond to your e-mails and phone calls, work through any troubleshooting, and handle the final billing directly. Ray believes that the real strength of Scripting Events goes beyond his insight and development skills, and relies much upon his easy-going personality and ability to work with both people and technologies.
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